Workshop: Perspectives of Feminism

Das Institut für Soziologie der FU Berlin veranstaltet am 27. und 28.05. einen internationalen Workshop zum Thema „Perspectives of Feminism“. Ankündigungstext:

„Feminism as a theoretical and political practice is no homogenous entity. Having started out with the claim of questioning the putative objectivity and neutrality of the ‚male‘ perspective, the feminist debate itself has become a scene of fundamental upheavals and contestations. Initiated by the critique of marginalized women in the USA the tacit assumptions of ‚western feminism‘ that are mainly based on the situation of white, heterosexual, middle-class women have been exposed and questioned. The ensuing hightened alertness to differences, to the complex interrelation of various categories of differentiation and inequality has drawn attention to the significance of the respective social and historical context.

What are different perspectives within feminism today? This is a question we would like to persue in our workshop by listening to women from different contexts. Our intention is not to define particular ‚feminisms‘ (based for instance on religion or nationality); rather, we propose an exchange about the different settings and analytical tools and are looking out for possible commonailities beyond universal concepts and explanations.“

Der Workshop findet am 27. und 28.05. im Osteuropa-Institut, Garystraße 55, Hörsaal A und im Otto-Suhr-Institut, Ihnestraße 21, Hörsaal A statt. Der genaue Ablauf kann der Broschüre „Perspectives of Feminism“ entnommen werden. Die Veranstaltung ist offen, eine Anmeldung ist nicht nötig.

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